Confusión bajista y Recesión.

Confusión bajista y Recesión.

Escrito el 16/12/2022
Joaquín Ortega

Confusing first third of the NYSE session. After beating most Derivatives - there are still some left until the close - the VIX has turned again with bullish spike in H1 and both S&P and NASDAQ return to the bearish path after bad macro data that points to recession in the US. Highlights META +5%.

Short S&P 500 and NASDAQ the VIX decides.

  • S&P 500 and NASDAQ below their short set up supports.
  • The 23% " or beyond " Volatility is the key VIX H1 resistance, if it is overcome with any H1 candlestick we will have a good short session (and vice versa).

DAX. The possibilities are exhausted

Monday opening below 11950 pts. Set Up short target MA 50 / 200.

IBEX Double top.

  • It will hardly be activated without first losing the 7,990 support.
  • Important support (50/100 MA crossover)

ORO and Dollar Index.

  • XAUUSD Key resistance at 1796 $ ounce. A breakout to the upside is complicated as long as the loss of bullish momentum in the price of Bonds (T Note+) continues.
  • Brent futures. Supports at $78 and $76.50. With very high volatility.

Mid-Session benchmark stocks.

  • GOAL +4%.
  • TSLA -4.60% Loses key support MA 200 Weeks. If there is a confirmation candle on Monday the next support in the weekly medium term below $130.
  • Apple -1.30 % But, with Three Crows Pattern activated on Daily. If it loses Support $135 it can go to $131 Share (Bearish projection of the last sideways range).

Bitcoin -3 % loses the $17,000 that didn't do it any good either (Post Bitcoin Ethereum this morning).